Chil3 graphic design process

Chil3 is a graphic design consultancy founded in 2000 by Becky Chilcott. With creative thinking and typographic expertise we deliver world class design across a range of disciplines.


Chil3 process:
The craft of ideas.

We approach design as a craft; it works according to established traditions and techniques, but it must be developed uniquely in every case. The design should always illuminate the ideas behind the work. Each job is meticulously considered according to its own requirements and context, and we develop a quality, bespoke solution which addresses your brief in every detail.

Good design communicates

We believe that good design operates beyond the realm of the visual. It does the crucial, invisible work that turns letters on a page or screen into information that reaches and moves people. It balances purpose, beauty and longevity, and it contributes something meaningful to your work.